Operating Systems Design

Elvis C. Foster's Lectures in Operating Systems Design

I have been fascinated with Operating Systems Design since pursuing the course in my undergraduate degree. I have taught the course quite frequently for over a decade, and continue to do so. Below is a series of topics that I cover whenever I teach this course; they are arranged in the order that I cover them. My main source is the classic textbook by Abraham Silberschatz, but as you will see, thare are various other supplementary sources as well. Enjoy!

01.    Introduction to Operating Systems
02.    Operating System Services
03.    Object and Directory Management
04.    CPU Scheduling
05.    Memory Management — Fundamentals
06.    Memory Management — Virtual Memory
07.    Resource Allocation and Deadlock Management
08.    System Protection and Security
09.    Input and Output Management
10.    Concurrent Processing
11.    Threads
12.    Case Study of IBM i
13.    Case Study of Windows
14.    Case Study of Linux