Power Outlets

Power Outlets — a Collection of Bible-based Musical Programs
Not only am I a keen computer science educator, I am also a keen student of the Bible — for over three decades. Surprised? Well, here’s what I have found: Too many people are busy to criticize biblical issues despite their lack of education about them. Too many people are willing to read books about the Bible, or be told things about the book, but never verify for themselves. Too few are willing to read and educate themselves directly from the Bible. These three problems have contributed to the widespread ignorance and mischaracterization of the Bible, that have characterized life in the twenty-first century. I have taken the time to study the Bible, and I find it a most inspiring book.
In Path-Light: a Journey through Scriptures, I share fundamental biblical issues that everyone should know. The book Power Outlets — a Collection of Bible-based Musical Programs, is a companion book. The title says it all. Music is one of my passions. In this book, I share on a wider scale, some of the musical programs I have written over the years, and shared with audiences in various countries. Both books is being published through the Xlibris Corporation.
The list below shows the program titles covered in the book. All funds from the sale of this book have been dedicated to a project that I am passionate about — that of helping underprivileged individuals to acquire quality education, and thereby become more useful to their communities. If you are interested in acquiring a copy of the book, please go directly to the book’s Web site for more information.
1.   The Reasons we Sing  
2.   Ebenezer     
3.   Package of Immeasurable Love     
4.   The Best for THE BEST     
5.   Hymns — the Passion, the Beauty, the Messages     
5B. Hymns — the Passion, the Beauty, the Messages     
6.   Loving Eyes, Caring Heart 
7.   Putting God First 
8.   Introspection     
9.   Soldier         
10. Take Seven      
11. What’s In Your Hand?     
12. Icons of Faithfulness