Friends Ministry


About Friends Ministry

Friends Ministry is a Christian outreach ministry that seeks to carry the Gospel of Christ to people (where-ever they are), through innovative musical programs, packages and presentations. The ministry is based on the concept of friendship evangelism, and our Lord’s commission in [Matthew 28:18-20].  
Friends Ministry has successfully operated in several countries, bringing the wonderful Gospel of Christ to thousands. Thousands of lives have been touched; wonderful experiences have been gained; we have witnessed marriages, baptisms, most importantly, transformation of lives… Christ continues to lead...
Mode of Operation
Friends Ministry carries out most of its objectives through the following features:
  • Church Programs for instance, Divine Service, Vespers, Youth program
  • Musical Crusades
  • Music Seminars
  • Concerts
  • Video and Audio Recording
  • Festivals of Praise (typically year end)
Summary of Program Themes
Following is a summary of some of the program themes presented by Friends Ministry.
  • The Reasons We Sing is a program which focuses on the role and importance of the ministry of music in the church. Music appreciation is also included.
  • Ebenezer is based on the passage found in I [Samuel 7:8-12].  This program is a majestic offering of praise and adoration to God, for His leading in the past, an expression of faith in His capacity to guide and provide for the present and future.
  • Package of Immeasurable Love focuses on the life of Christ. We meet some of the people who closely mingled with Him, and see what He meant to them. We examine some high points of His life. We look at what He means to people today.
  • The Passion, the Beauty, the Messages is a special feature on hymns. We focus on some of our favorite hymns; we provide background information; we share our interpretation of them; we sing them. This program is a classic...for young and old.
  • The Best for THE BEST is about reserving your best for Christ, who is THE BEST.
  • Loving Eyes, Caring Heart focuses on God’s eternal love and care for all. As case study, we examine the parables Jesus Christ told about the lost sheep, the lost coin, the prodigal son and his elder brother. These parables are applied to modern life.
  • Putting God First is based on [Matthew 6:33]. We look at what it means to put God first, the problems people have in putting God first, the steps involved in putting God first. We share some personal experiences gained because of putting God first. Finally, we look at the results of putting God first.
  • Introspection is about “cleaning our own backyard.”  It focuses on the Church, identifies some vexed character challenges that are prevalent, and presents Christ as the ultimate solution to these problems. The program is based on [Revelations 3:14-22].
  • Let Freedom Ring With God & God Alone is one of our new programs. In this program, we celebrate God’s leading in the ministries of two of the most outstanding music ministers of all time – Larnelle Harris and Steve Green. We provide information about, and sing some of the songs from these humble servants, that have touched our own lives and ministry. It’s educational; it’s inspirational; it’s emotional… it’s a classic…
  • God Through Professional Disciplines explains to us how God speaks to human beings through various professional disciplines.
  • Take Seven submits seven tips to a happy, successful life. These seven principles have been tested and proven, and are Bible based.
  • What’s in Your Hand challenges the audience to exercise faith in God, starting with what is readily available. The program visits selected scriptural passages that provide examples of individuals who in austere situations, exercised faith in God, starting with what they had.
  • Icons of Faith is a program based on the principle of saving faith, as discussed in [Hebrews 11]. It highlights powerful experiences of individuals who exercised profound faith in God, and were openly rewarded. It challenges the audience to emulate the faith of our forefathers.
  • Soldier is based on the scriptural passage recorded in [Ephesians 6:10-18]. Paul presents the Christian as a soldier armed for battle. The program examines each element of the soldier’s armor as presented in the passage, and explores its significance.
Affiliation With Friends Ministry
I am a founding member and Executive Director of Friends Ministry. This is one of my extra curricular activities.