Database Systems

Elvis C. Foster's Database Systems: A Pragmatic Approach

My lecture notes is Database Systewms have been refined and developed into the text Database Systems: a Pragmatic Approach, Edition 2.

The list below shows the topics covered in the book, arranged in the order that I teach the course. The course can be covered over one semester, or two semesters, depending on the institution that you are studying at, and your level of preparation. If you are interested in acquiring a copy of the book, please View the Book's Website.

Division A: Preliminary Topics

1.    Introduction to Database Systems    

2.    The Database System Environment

Division B: The Relational Database Model

3.    The Relational Model

4.    Integrity Rules and Normalization

5.    Database Modeling and Design

6.    Database User Interface Design    

7.    Relational Algebra    

8.    Relational Calculus

9.    Reflective Look at the Relational Model

Division C: Structured Query Language (SQL)

10.    Overview of SQL

11.    SQL Definition Statements

12.    SQL Data Manipulation Statements    

13.    Logical Views and Security

14.    The System Catalog    

15.    Some Limitations of SQL     

Division D: Advanced Topics

16.    Database Administration    

17.    Distributed Database Systems

18.    Object Databases

19.    Data Warehousing and Information Extraction    

20.    Web-Accessible Databases                                                                                                                                                                                    

21.    Using Database Systems to Anchor Management Support Systems

Division E: Some Commonly Used DBMS Suites

22.    Overview of Oracle

23.    Overview of DB2    

24.    Overview of MySQL

25.    Overview of Microsoft SQL Server

Division F: Appendices

Areas Covered: Review of Trees; Review of Hashing; Review of Information Gathering Techniques; BNF Syntax for Selected SQL Statements; Sample Exercises and Examination Questions.