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Elvis C. Foster's Outreach Books Published

Path-Light: A Journey through Scriptures

This book presents the Bible as a trustworthy resource for providing answers to many complex questions and issues of life. The book addresses seventeen fundamental topics that every intelligent person should be aware of. It provides you with a biblical perspective on matters such as God, His government, His law, the greater purpose to life, salvation, faith, love, self-control, starting over, among others.
Each chapter of the book is a conversational, non-intimidating guided study that takes you to various passages of Scripture that speak to that particular theme. Rather than forwarding private theories on the topic discussed, the book allows the Bible to speak and be its own interpreter. In so doing, it allows you to see clearly what the Scriptures have to say on the topic being examined, and to come to your own conclusion about an appropriate response. You should find this approach refreshing and non-intimidating, and the book itself informative.

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Power Outlets: A Collection of Bible-based Musical Programs

This book provides a collection of Bible-based musical programs designed for both Christians of all faiths, and non-Christians with even a slight curiosity about Christianity. Each of the thirteen inspirational programs follows a specific theme, and is applicable to various Christian in-reach/outreach services, or your own private reading. This compilation is packed with powerful lessons and concepts that will present biblical perspectives on issues including music, redemption, faith, love, facing life’s challenges, and stewardship.
The thoughts expressed in this book were written based on my lifelong study of the Scriptures, and out of personal experiences in my journey of faith. These experiences have served to strengthen my faith and confidence in a sovereign God, and have been a source of immense blessing and inspiration to thousands of others with whom they have been shared. Through each program, you will find a powerful source of spiritual discovery, renewed faith, and encouragement to face life’s challenges.

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